Unit 2: Communities of Life


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Tree of Life Web Project

Ecology, Ecosystems & Humans

Mojave Desert Studies Collection

Abiotic Factors

Glossary Of Ecology Terms


Climatological Data Summaries

Biomes, Biogeography

What is a Bioregion?
Ecoregions, Ecosystem, Watersheds
Plant Identification, Plant Communities & Mojave Desert Plants

Trophic Levels

Food Chains

Food Webs

Food Pyramids


What is Biodiversity?

Why should we care?

Threatened & Endangered Species

Non-Native, Invasive, Alien Species

Human Activity and Local Ecology

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Ecology Animations

Environmental Timeline…

Ecological Succession

Community Ecology -- animations of ecological principles of community interactions

Biogeochemical Cycles

Dissolved Oxygen

Interspecific Competition ~ Lab

Population  Growth ~ Bacteria Lab

Human Impacts

  • Acid Rain -- animation of natural & unnatural process
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World Builders

Biodiversity Enrichment

Ecosystem Cartoons

Biome Crossword Puzzle

Great Biome Graph Match

To plant or not to plant?

Ecology Bingo

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