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Welcome to the Mojave Desert Studies resources web page. What follows is a collection of resources that might be helpful in helping you connect to the Mojave desert environment. If you would like to recommend a new web site link send us a note at wildlands@lcer.org.

Desert Studies Collection

Below are lists of links to information about the

Mojave Desert Overview...

Mojave Desert Managers Group, The DMG was established as the forum for government agencies to address and discuss issues of common concern. Through cooperative management each agency achieves greater operational efficiency, enhances resource protection, and the public is better served.

California's Desert Resources - You can learn more about deserts at this site from the California Environmental Resources Evaluation System.
Desert USA—The Mojave Desert This page provides a brief overview of the Mojave Desert and access to related pages.
Desert Animals and Plants - This is a great site for both animals and plants found in deserts.
Mojave Desert Ecosystem Study - by U.S.Geological Survey. Did you know that the desert habitat is vulnerable? Find out more about vulnerability and recoverability of the Mojave at this site from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Mojave National Preserve - This is the official web site for the Mojave National Preserve from the National Park Service.
Plant Communities of the Transverse Ranges and Western Mojave Desert - This site shows coastal and desert slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains and associated elevational vegetation zones, with links to desert plant communities and California Native Plant Society (CNPS).

Physical Environment
A good relief map of Southern California...
Satellite Image of California
Caltech So. California Earthquake Center
U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program

Faults in California: Mojave Region

PaleoGeography (world)
Pediment formation and pluvial morphogenesis in the Mojave Desert
Link Lists to Mojave Desert Information

Center for Earth and Planetary Studies

General Mojave Desert Dunes

Mojave Desert National Preserve geology page

California Geological Survey

California GeoMorphic Provinces

Great Basin, Mojave Desert
Desert Physiography  

California Ecoregions


Mojave Desert Ecoregions

A description of the "West" and "East" Mojave Desert regions created by the California Gap Analysis Project .

More information is available at their homepage.

California & Nevada Ground Water Atlas
Desert Geology and Resources
CERES: Information by Geographic Area: San Bernardino County
Virtual Geomorphlogy
San Bernardino soil surveys and maps
Desert Research Institute
California Deserts
Virtual Museum of the Mojave
Mojave River Watershed
ICE 2 (The Information Center for the Environment)
Soils & The Environment

Mojave Desert Weather & Climate

Helpful Addresses and Phone Numbers: 

  • California Division of Mines and Geology (CDMG), P.O. Box 2980, Sacramento, CA 95812- 2980. (916) 445-5716.
  • California Desert Information Center, 831 Barstow Rd. , Barstow, CA 92311 760-255-8760
  • Mojave Desert Information, P.O. Box 241, Baker, CA 92309, 760- 733-4040
  • Bureau of Land Management, Needles Resource Area, 101 Spikes Rd., Needles, CA 92363, 760-326-3896
  • Bureau of Land Management, CDD, 6221 Box Springs Blvd., Riverside, CA 92507, 909-697-5200
  • Bureau of Land Management, Ridgecrest Resource Area, 300 S. Richmond Road, Ridgecrest, CA 93555, 760- 384-5400
  • Bureau of Land Management, Palm Springs-South Coast Resource Area, 63-500 Garnet Ave, P.O. Box 2000, Palm Springs, CA. 92258, 760-251-4800
  • Bureau of Land Management, El Centro Resource Area, 1661 S. 4th Street, El Centro, CA 92243, 760-337-4400
  • Superintendent, Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, CA 92328, 760-786-2331
  • Superintendent, Joshua Tree National Park, 74485 National Monument Drive, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277, 760-367-7511
  • Additional online list of "Resources on the Desert"
  • Links to information about Mojave Desert "Points of Interest"

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Living Environment

Producers ~ Consumers ~ Decomposers ~ Small and Large Communities ~

Aquatic Studies

Interesting Links to check out....
  • Digital Library Project at the University of California Berkeley. The project contains much more than science materials. The botanical and zoological data sets allow students to call up photos of any plant and animal in California by typing in the common name.
  • US Geological Survey's Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database
  • An electronic gateway to biological data and information maintained by various government and private sector organizations; good links to biodiversity and maps.

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Plant List for the Mojave River (compiled by Pamela J. MacKay, Botanist)
The digital library of Producers at UC Berkeley.
Looking for more information concerning Mojave Desert flora? Try...
Eastern Mojave Desert Vegetation
Native American Ethnobotanical Database
Learn more about California Native Plants that grow in the Mojave Desert or search for information on any California Native
CalFlora: Plant Photo/info Library
Desert Plant Survival Strategies

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The digital library of fungi at UC Berkeley.
The digital library of animals at UC Berkeley.
Desert Animals
Desert Tortoise
Western Pond Turtle, Clemmys marmorata
Looking for more information concerning local lizards and amphibians? Try...
The digital library of amphibians at UC Berkeley.

Arroyo Southwestern Toad

 Birds of California
  • Mojave River Vole, Microtus californicus mohavensis
  • Bats of the Desert
Fish ~ Fishes (native and non-native) of the Mojave River and its Tributaries
Desert Fishes Council
Mohave Tui Chub
Arroyo Chub
Threespine Stickleback
Research Tools for Searching the Wildlife Literature
Animal Tracking

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Small and Large Communities
Wildlife Habitat Types at the Mojave River Campus
For an overview of plant communities along So. California's coastal and desert slopes of the San Gabriel Mts and associated elevational veg. Zones; with links to desert plant communities and CNPS (California Native Plant Society).

Wildlife Hotspots Around the Mojave Desert

California Wildlife Habitat Relationships
California Vegetation Mapping Catalog
General OverView (GAP Analysis)
Yucca and the Yucca Moth
Fatal Attraction - Ravens are flourishing in the Southwest, and that is bad news for beleaguered desert tortoises
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Man and the Mojave

Mojave Desert Air Basin Ozone Data

Summary of major ongoing scientific activities in the California or Mojave Desert provided by the USGS, Western Region Geologic Information homepage

The Affected Desert Environment: How have we/do we impacted desert life? (NPS)

Man's Impact on the Mojave's Groundwater reserves (USGS)

Humankind's Discovery of the New World: The Calico Connection

Mountain Men , Jedediah Strong Smith

Jedediah Smith Diary Excerpts

 Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District

Human-Induced Changes in the Mojave and Colorado Desert Ecosystems: Recovery and Restoration Potential

Effects of Elevated CO2 on a Mojave Desert Ecosystem.

Great Basin -- Mojave River

Protecting Deserts

Bioregional Demographic Trends and Implications for Biodiversity

Effectiveness of a barrier fence at reducing mortality and recovering desert tortoise populations.

Links to Desert Organizations

Chronology of Development in the Mojave Desert

BLM's Indian Technical Assistance Program

Where Desert Meets City: Vulnerability and Recoverability of the Mojave Desert Ecosystem (USGS)

Land Use & Human Impact

Essential reading for Mojave Road buffs and historians.

Mojave Desert Preserve 1998 Draft Environmental Impact Statement and General Management Plan

Mojave Desert Preserve EIS / GMP Revised 2000 plan

Fremont and Las Vegas

CSUSB (Mojave Desert Studies)

Ghost Town Explorers

(click me)

California Deserts

History of the Brown Ranch (aka. Rancho Verde , Kemper-Campbell Ranch) on of many online history articles @ MojaveHistory.co

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Desert and Wildlands Management

Aquatic Studies...Support for field studies in and around the Mojave River

Habitat Restoration / Augmentation

Creating Shelter


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