The Purpose of a school, district, county and state Science Fair

  • To encourage student, parents and teachers to take a more active interest in the study of science by providing a curricular opportunity for students to conduct and publicly present an independent scientific inquiry.
  • To provide an opportunity for students who are interested in science to do science.
  • To encourage and highlight the use of “scientific” process and the fundamental principles of science as students are guided in their development of a topic, complete the required research, and conduct an experiment or inquiry that shows an understanding for many of the processes of science.
  • To encourage parents, teachers and the greater scientific community in the guidance of science students.
  • To make available an opportunity to recognize “student” scientists.
  • To awaken the interest of the public in the scientific ability of its youngest members.
  • To encourage excellence in science and engineering.
  • To present an educational experience for top student participants through exposure to expert judges.
  • To engage the corporate community in recognizing outstanding students in technological and scientific fields.